Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Egg Progress

I got more done on the egg today. The first photo shows the adding of transparent clay cane slices. I used several flower canes that I have made in the past. I got to thinking about how long ago I had made some of these canes, and I think some were made about two years ago. Can't believe they were still usable. But I keep them wrapped in plastic in a sealed container, and in a dark, cool space. So maybe that has prolonged their life.

The next photo shows after it was baked. I normally bake clay in a clay-dedicated toaster oven, but this egg was too big. Because it sat so high on the baking pan I couldn't get it in the oven. So I had to use my kitchen oven. I sealed a foil tent over and around the egg and baked it.

Now the next step is to sand it smooth and then polish it on the buffing wheel to bring out a nice shine.