Sunday, April 22, 2007

Goodies and a Thank You

The other day I received a package of goodies in the mail. See picture. These luscious fibers are from Myfanwy. Myfanwy has an online store where you can purchase lots of gorgeous hand dyed fibers just like these. These threads look so beautiful on her web site, but wait till you see them in person. They are drool worthy. Also, be sure to visit her blog (link above), as she's been having some contests where she is giving away the threads as the prize.

It's come to my attention that I've been awarded the Thinking Blogger Award by two lovely artists. Peggy and Dianne. Thank you Peggy and Dianne, I am touched that you would choose me. Click the link to read how this all got started.

Anyway, the gist of this award is that now I'm supposed to tag 5 people who have thoughtful, provoking, and interesting blogs that I visit regularly. I have participated in the past in maybe a couple of these meme-type things and truthfully, I have to say that I have vowed to myself that I won't do them anymore. Why? Well I have a hard time with choosing just 5 (or however many) people to tag next. Sometimes I feel like I may be tagging someone who really doesn't want to participate. Sometimes I find that so many of the people I would choose, have already been tagged. If I had to choose someone, I'd want to choose everyone. Am I being a party pooper? I hope you don't think so. So consider all of you who visit here tagged with a Thinking Blogger Award.