Friday, March 30, 2007

Today's Results

My play time today didn't result in any finished projects, just some pieces for future finished projects. First up is a piece of wool I wet felted. The colors are so rich in this piece, just wish the camera could pick up on them. I added some bits of silk fibers to this also for some added interest.

The next photo shows some flower petals I am preparing. If you get the magazine Cloth Paper Scissors, you'll notice in the recent issue a project to make fabric flowers. The Fiber Arts Friends group I belong to is doing a flower swap. We choose a color to make, I chose red. We then make a flower for each of the other swappers and in the end we'll each have a colorful bouquet.

The last photo shows some canvas panels I dyed for a handbag. It never fails...when the dyes are drying there are always some light spots that show up. I wish I knew why this happens, because sometimes it really bugs me. Anybody have an idea????