Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My New Toy

Oh my gosh! How did I get along without this? This is THE COOLEST MACHINE. I spent 1.5 hours with my dealer learning about this machine and I think in the first half hour I knew it was mine. The BSR is going to be a wonderful tool. One thing that really impressed me with the BSR is there is two modes. For one of the modes, you simply just press a button and then you start moving your fabric, the faster you move the fabric the faster the machine stitches. The foot control is not even used in this mode. Now what really impressed me was when you slow down to make a direction change the stiching slows down too. On my old machine, I had to control the speed with my foot and I didn't always have the greatest coordination and I'd get a build up of stitches in corners. Not anymore.

My Bernina dealer gives 25% off on any accessories you purchase if you buy your machine from them. So, I went ahead and purchased the embellishing foot. I asked the dealer about some things I had heard about the motors getting worn out with the use of the embellishing foot. They told me using the embellishing foot is no different than doing free motion embroidery.

Once I had the machine set up, I attached the embellishing foot to give it a try. Remember the orange pice of felt from a couple posts or so ago? Well I cut a portion off of it and felted it to a piece of acrylic felt. This was way fun!

Next I pulled out my container of scrap yarns and fibers. I started felting them down and that was even more fun. I can tell that I'm really going to enjoy this.