Monday, March 5, 2007

Mad Crafter at Work

Not mad, as in angry, just obsessed. I had to work today so I didn't get to play with all my toys as much as I'd have liked to. But this evening I got down and dirty and did a few things. However, I don't have photos to share with you until tomorrow, because everything is drying.

Last night while getting ready for bed, I remembered that one of my 2007 goals was to sketch more. Well, I guess I'm a little bit late getting started, but hey, what can I say! I did this in my sketch book with a pen, and yes I did it sitting right in bed. I keep my sketch book on my nightstand in case I get any brainstorm ideas suddenly. I've decided that I am only going to use a pen in this sketch book. Most of the time when I use a pencil, I'm so hung up on creating a perfect drawing (in my mind), that I'd be erasing all the areas I don't like and redrawing them. But I'm going to try and just sketch and learn to like what I draw the first time (or not). I think it might help with gaining more drawing confidence. Hopefully.

So here's my sketch....guess what, I rather like it.

Then, when I got home and looked through the mail, I found this. It's a lovely tyvek/embroidered postcard from Doreen. She blogged about it here and I commented on it and she suggested we do a swap. So I sent her a postcard (which I forgot to take a picture of, go figure), and she sent me her postcard. Thanks Doreen, I just love it! It's going up on my display wall, with all my other goodies.