Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Okay, I'm a CopyKitty

Lately while browsing around and checking out what all you crafty bloggers have been doing, I've been seeing where some of you have been creating silk fusion. Sue has another class going on at Joggles and I'm seeing the results from those of you who are taking the class. Well I started getting the fever and just had to make a sheet of silk fusion today.

I did this one different from what I've done before. And mind you, I've only done one before, so, yes, this is only my second time making silk fusion. I started out with a layer of natural silk, I believe the label called it tussah silk. For the second layer, I used some soy silk I had purchased from Joggles. I carefully spread a couple colors of the soy silk so the colors were well distributed. I then used some silk throwster's waste, also from Joggles, and put little bits here and there. Don't know if you can actually see those little bits here and there in the photo, but they are there. Trust me!

Well here is the colorful side:

And here is the natural side. The color from the other side is really showing through and I also think some of the color bled and probably dyed the natural silk somewhat. Now that this is done, I think I like the natural side better. Oye!

I also had to run a few errands today. One of those errands was a stop at Super Walmart. While at Walmart I almost always make time to cruise through the pitiful little craft section. I always check out the remnant bin and the clearance areas. Well today I didn't find anything in those bins, but I did come across some wool yarn in colors I don't have. And I also picked up a few sheets of kunin felt.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions on what to do with my "not so successful experiment piece". I had a suggestion from Lynda (Hi Lynda!) to zap it with the heat gun. Well I tried it and it didn't work so hot (pun intended). I wonder if the acrylic paint is too thick. Well I guess I'll just chalk that piece up to a failure and try, try, try to remember to use a different paint next time.