Saturday, February 24, 2007

Journal Quilt #8

I felt like gardening again. I guess I would have to say that gardening is my second favorite hobby after crafting. Perhaps I've told you that before. I can't remember.

Yesterday was a play day for me. I had been wanting to try this technique that I had seen in a past issue of Quilting Arts. You layer lots of bits of man-made type fabrics on top of a piece of wool felt. You need to use man-made fabrics that are meltable. Like polyester. Then after all your layered bits are on you cover the entire thing with a piece of tulle or organiza. Pin well, then free motion all over the surface. Here is my results.

I'm not too happy with my results. I realize I should have used lots more bits of stuff as there are several areas where you can see the bottom felt layer (light pink). Also I don't like the colors. Note for next try....use more stuff! Since I'm not happy with the results, I plan to alter it. I have a few ideas, not sure how any of them will work, but I will post my experiments when they are done.

Next I made some more fabric paper. One in blues, and one in greens.

And I had a few, nine to be exact, knitted pouches that needed to be felted, so I threw all of them into the washer and got these. I need to get going on putting linings and zippers in them, but that's my least favorite part and they seem to just sit there and make me feel quilty that I keep putting it off. My favorite part is the knitting. Can you tell, since there are so many?

By the way, the bottom row pouches are not bigger in real life. They are all about the same size. I just combined two photos into one and evidently I was standing closer to them in the second photo.