Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happiness from Sadness

Happy WIP Wednesday everyone. Are you wondering about the title of my post? Well I'm happy to tell you that Bob is home. He arrived home just after midnight last night. I'm so happy.....but as stated in the title....I'm happy he's home, but he's home because we've had sadness in our family. Our nephew has passed on. Brian had been struggling with cancer for about 6 years now (brain tumor). He was a fighter and I am so happy he was able to fight as long as he did, but near the end he was in a lot of pain. He leaves behind a lovely wife and two young sons, ranging somewhere in age from 7 to 10. So tomorrow we will be driving a 6-hour drive to go to his funeral.

I don't have any works in progress to show today, but I do have this completed handbag that I finished a couple of days ago. It is knit, then felted. I still need to make some type of closure piece for it...I'm thinking a large polymer clay button on the outside and a braided yarn piece to loop around the button. Knitting this purse was my first experience with circular needles. The handles are also knit...the technique is called "knitted i-cord".