Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Results from the QA Goodies

Well I pondered for what feels like forever, and I couldn't come up with something I felt was really WOW. This was indeed a challenge in that most of the items I received were all the same coloring. Not a lot of contrast. I feel like I flunked this challenge. But I will chalk it up to experience. The first photo shows how I cut up pieces of everything and laid it out on a piece of felt. I then laid tulle over it all and quilted with rows of stitching.

I had a lot of leftover cheese cloth and small pieces of each of the other items. So I took an old book page and smeared it with matte medium and started sticking shapes down on it. Then covered it all with the cheese cloth. After it dried, I took some purple paints and lightly brushed over some areas. Then I added some interference powders for an irridenscent look in spots.

I cut heart shapes out of the paper fabric and put them on pieces I'd cut out from the collage fabric. And there you have it, postcards and ATCs.