Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Finally Finished

Lesson 2 in my Creative Embroidery class from Susan Sorrell was to embroidery seed pods. I have finally finished my seed pods. These are based on the pods I found outside in my green ash tree. This class is actually over, it ended a week or two ago already. I fell behind and have 4 more lessons to get done.....ahhh life, it somehow creeps in and gets in your face. I'll keep plugging away at these Susan.......


  1. Did you do this all by hand? Great colors!


  2. Wow, Terri, that's gorgeous! I love your choice of colours and the stitches are so neat! Wonderful work! :)

  3. Thank you all. Joanna, yes it is all hand embroidered.

  4. Wonderful colours. My daughter especially likes the blues. Great patterns too.


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